A Membership Registration Link will be added on September 3rd, 2018 for those requiring a new membership or that did not receive renewal information from Club Locker by email in July and August 2018.  


Squash Alberta membership expires on June 30th of each year.


Click here for a list of current Squash Alberta members (updated weekly).

Play For The Health Of It!

Squash Alberta represents a unifying voice for the squash players of Alberta in promoting our sport through the co-ordination of training, funding, publicity, sanctioned tournaments, government relations, liaison with Squash Canada, administrative support to local squash organizations, and, most importantly, ensuring adherence to national and international rules of play through the development of appropriate policies and procedures.

The Calgary Interclub and Edmonton Squash Leagues' matches are included in the provincial ranking for Squash Alberta members as well as Squash Alberta's insurance covers Squash Alberta members during league games. Squash Alberta provides a $5.00 rebate on behalf of every Squash Alberta registered member that plays interclub to the league they are registered with.

Through Squash Alberta's mission statement, to promote and facilitate the development of the sport of squash for Albertans, Alberta has become one of the strongest centres for squash excellence in Canada.

 2018-19 Membership Fees    
One Time  $10  
Adult  $50  
Junior  $45  
Student   $30  
ESL, Adult  $180  
ESL, Junior  $175  
ESL, Student  $160  
Family Membership  $145  


Two adult members and two or more juniors, or one adult and three or more juniors to a maximum of five members in the same family.
Membership expires on June 30th of each year.

Member Benefits
Insurance: Squash Alberta carries general liability insurance and accident insurance for all of Squash Alberta's affiliated clubs and leagues, individual members, officers, directors, coaches, officials and employees. To be eligible for insurance affiliated clubs and leagues, individual members, officers, directors, coaches, officials and employees shall be participating in activities sanctioned by Squash Alberta.

  • General Liability: $5,000,000
  • Accident Insurance includes: loss of life, permanent loss/dismemberment, eyeglasses/contact lenses (resulting from injury), emergency transportation, blanket dental, and rehabilitation.

Tournaments: Squash Alberta members receive a $15.00 discount on all sanctioned tournament entry fees. The Alberta Junior Closed is a free tournament for all Junior members of Squash Alberta. Squash Alberta covers all the cost of this event. Squash Alberta develops a yearly tournament schedule for all sanctioned events.

Provincial Ranking: Squash Alberta keeps an updated provincial ranking for all its members. You can view your match history on line.

PSA TV: Squash Alberta members are eligible to receive a 25% discount on an annual PSA TV membership. Simply call our office at 403-270-7344 to receive your discount code!

Eligibility for Calgary and Edmonton Squash League Competition: You must be a Squash Alberta member to be eligible to participate in Calgary and Edmonton interclub league competition.

Eligibility for Funding: Squash Alberta currently funds its members to attend the following events: Canada Winter Games, Canadian Junior and Senior Championships, Canadian Teams Championships, University Championships and Canadian Masters Teams Championships. Squash Alberta funds 16 athletes on the Alberta Junior Provincial Team this funding helps to support their year round training and participation at major events.

Technical Development Clinics: Squash Alberta runs coaching, officiating and rules clinics for Squash Alberta members each year.

Member Responsibilities

-To know the rules of the game and adhere to the Squash Alberta Code of Conduct.
-To be respectful of other players, coaches, officials, volunteers, league and tournament organizers, and the rules of host clubs.
-To act as a referee or marker as required by league or tournament competitions.
-To be on time for your match.
-To share the on-court warm-up time (2 - 3 hits per side is recommended).
-To create a safe environment on-court by avoiding interference with your opponent, hitting your opponent with the ball, and striking your opponent with your racquet.
-To ensure you have proper court attire, especially non-marking and clean court shoes.
-To compete fairly.

Squash is a game to be played with intensity. Displays of frustration may be tolerated, but outbursts of temper are another matter. Squash Alberta's conduct on court violations as printed in the membership handbook will be enforced.

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U of C Open
University of Calgary

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Sep. 21, 2018 to Sep. 23, 2018

ESC Season Opener
Edmonton Squash Club, Edmonton

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